Burger Obsession

We’re not ones for soppy goodbyes, but sadly this is exactly what this is. We would like to thank all of our amazing staff, customers, suppliers and everyone in between for creating one of the best burgers brands in the world….


Thank you

From our bellies to yours… we hope every bite will be remembered with fondness!


Love the CB team

The Best Ingredients

The world would be a better place if we could cut the crap. Which is why we fly the flag for authenticity with our Chosen ingredients. Whilst we can’t stop lying lovers and cheating politicians, we do ensure every ounce of your Chosen Bun is bursting with freshness and ethically sourced meat.

Protective Packaging

We want your Chosen Bun to stay plump and juicy so our packaging got the ultimate workout. The result? Uniquely designed boxes to protect your chosen burger. Never stopping at ordinary, our testing got out of this world. Literally.